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La Toyia Conway-Hampton is highly passionate, result-driven well-known speaker, she articulates directly from the heart, with her high energy, passionate demeanor, inspiring stories and lively sense of humor. She has a way of capturing and maintaining the attention of her diverse audience while inspiring change. Also renowned Transformational Life Coach whose underlying mission is to help women heal from the past, aligns with the present, and cultivates a wonderful, empowering future. Specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault survivor services, La Toyia has an extensive 20+ year background involving personal development, motivational speaking, influencing systemic change, and as a domestic violence survivor herself, she enjoys every moment helping women obtain breakthrough mindset shifts so they can live the prospering lives they deserve.

La Toyia Conway-Hampton is truly a humble servant. La Toyia loves guiding surviving women on reaching optimal clarity, self-love, and happiness. Furthermore, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to help others break away from debilitating paradigms so they can achieve the confidence necessary to live extraordinary, fulfilled lives. In fact, outside of being a change agent, you can often find her doing community work, trained church leadership, speaking/educative engagements, and proactively expanding her resources across LA through her founded (2011) non-profit, Two-Lifestyles, Inc.

La Toyia has built a strong inventory of experiences both (GOOD and CHALLENGING) that have led her to become the respected coach that she is today amongst domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Upon facing her own hardships of being a domestic violence survivor, it ultimately became the catalyst for La Toyia to support domestic violence awareness and prevention across the societal scales. To date, La Toyia intertwined her dynamic experiences as a former national trainer and technical assistant providing technical support on parent engagement, eliminating racial disparities, and building community partnerships, and history as a now reunited parent into coaching sphere.

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